For Raymond Rupert, advocacy is critical in healthcare. Advocacy is at the core of all he does for his clients.



Representing the rights of clients to timely and quality care in order to achieve the best outcome possible.

For Raymond Rupert, advocacy is critical in healthcare.

That is Raymond Rupert’s mission everyday for every client. It is also the mission of RCM Health Consultancy and the team of doctors that Raymond has brought together over the last 25 years creating a multi-disciplinary ecosystem of medical experts.

Thousands of clients have
benefited from his advocacy…

They leave no stone unturned

“Dr. Raymond is a superlative physician. He and his staff are caring and efficient. They leave no stone unturned in solving whatever issues are involved in your case. I have the greatest respect for him and for his team.”

Boris Brott

Sped up the process to get my son treatment

“It is a long story. My 28 year old son was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his duodenum. We were getting nowhere in getting him treatment. Although I am sure we would have gotten there eventually Dr. Rupert’s team sped the process up significantly and now my son has had chemo and surgery and is hopefully on the road to recovery. Thanks Team Rupert!”

Blaine Gerrity


These are just a few of the testimonials confirming the power of Raymond Rupert’s advocacy and his network of doctors. In the Testimonials section you can learn more about the life changing experiences resulting from Raymond Rupert’s advocacy.

It can be a challenge to navigate the healthcare system and ensure you are receiving the best possible healthcare solutions. The focus was on a family member who had a very complex problem. Raymond Rupert and his team of doctors, nurses and medical case managers quickly gathered the necessary information and guided us throughout the entire journey.

That is the power of advocacy.