After 3 years of investigations and consultations for 2 big problems including Alzheimers and hydrocephalus, the three highly respected specialists finally agreed to a zoom case conference. This was organized by RCM Health Consultancy.

This case conference proved to be magical for the family. Raymond Rupert of RCM Health Consultancy was the facilitator. The 3 specialists were able to explain their viewpoints in plain English. The 3 specialists agreed on a neurosurgical procedure for the patient.

The logic and rationale were explained to the family for the first time. The family was able to understand the implications of the surgery including possible side effects and complications but also to understand the possible benefits. Emphasis on possible.

The team at RCM Health Consultancy is committed to organizing case conferences for our clients in order to give patients and their families the opportunity to contribute to the narrative, to understand the basis for decision making and for RCM to advocate for our client’s rights to access appropriate care.

Raymond Rupert patient advocate & healthcare consultant.