About Raymond Rupert
& His Work at RCM
Healthcare Consultancy

Raymond Rupert started RCM Health Consultancy because his approach to advocacy had saved the life of his 18 month old daughter. She was in Sick Kids with sepsis and no one knew what to do. He felt the deep pain of almost losing a child. By advocating for an ultrasound which was new technology at the time, she was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix. She was treated and has thrived. This proved to Raymond, early on, that advocacy and an openness to innovation have profound merit to patients and their families.

As the founder of RCM Health Consultancy, Raymond Rupert and his team and network of doctors have provided advocacy and healthcare consulting services for over 25 years. Clients are located anywhere in Canada and services are multi-generational in scope.

The approach to helping clients is unique. Raymond embraces innovation and applies advanced management practices and integrated cross disciplinary teams. Raymond searches globally for experts with specialized knowledge and skills.

Most doctors use standardized guidelines. When there is complexity, this approach will often not work. Raymond ensures a personalized approach one client at a time. The advocacy work can upset some doctors, as their assumptions may be challenged and as part of the challenge of gaining access to specialized services for clients.

That makes Raymond and his team of doctors disruptors of the medical establishment. They respect medical professionals and value collaborative problem solving. However, companies such as RCM Health Consultancy Inc. are often challenged by traditional medical institutions.

Most doctors engage with RCM and are collaborative and appreciative of the work while others are not supportive and complain about the approach. For RCM’s doctors, the most important feedback comes from clients who are extremely appreciative of the work on their behalf.

Raymond Rupert and the RCM team of doctors have a track record of over 25 years of advocating for thousands of clients. They have built a world class set of resources to fulfill their mission of helping each and every client to the best of the team’s ability.

Raymond Rupert provides a unique approach with global reach that challenges the status quo and is always searching for the best solutions for all clients.