Bill called RCM Health about his sister.

His sister Jane is 76. She is hospitalized and has a number of health issues.

Bill is going to turn 80.

Jane asked Bill to be her power of attorney (POA) for care.

The POA for care would help to make decisions about care if Jane could not. If Jane were incapable.

But Bill explained to the team at RCM Health that he was likely to die before Jane.

He wanted a solution to help both him and Jane.

RCM Health proposed to be a patient advocate for Jane and to assist Bill with any medical decisions.

If Bill were to die, then RCM Health would still fulfill that role until a new POA for care was selected.

So now RCM Health offers this solution to any POA for care who wants support in that role because some care decisions can be complex.

Another day, another problem solved.