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Raymond Rupert started RCM Health Consultancy because his approach to advocacy had saved the life of his 18 month old daughter. She was in Sick Kids with sepsis and no one knew what to do. He felt the deep pain of almost losing a child. By advocating for an ultrasound which was new technology at the time, she was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix. She was treated and has thrived. This proved to Raymond, early on, that advocacy and an openness to innovation have profound merit to patients and their families.
5 09, 2023

What can the ‘de-privatization’ of lab services in Alberta teach us about private health care delivery? Andre Picard Sept 5 2023 Globe & Mail.

2023-09-05T11:48:31-04:00September 5, 2023|

The Alberta government recently announced that it’s going to “de-privatize” community-based lab testing in Calgary and the southern regions of the province. The move is eyebrow-raising for a couple of reasons. First, the United Conservative Party is ideologically enthusiastic about privatization, and this is a significant climb down. The about-face ...

5 09, 2023

Drop In Real Income For Family Doctors: OMA Economics Report.

2023-09-05T09:19:14-04:00September 5, 2023|

An OMA document prepared by Economics, Research and Analytics at the OMA. Last updated April 6, 2015. Presented to Governing Council in 2015. It was sourced from the OMA website's directory of published documents. There are 9 slides. I have summarized two of them below: Main findings:  1.  Net real ...

3 09, 2023

To Fix Canada’s Healthcare A Hard Economic Truth Must Be Acknowledged: Globe And Mail Aug 28 2023 Hance Clarke & Imran Abdool

2023-09-03T11:32:03-04:00September 3, 2023|

HANCE CLARKE AND IMRAN ABDOOL SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL PUBLISHED AUGUST 28, 2023 An emergency sign is seen outside a hospital in Montreal, on July 10.CHRISTINNE MUSCHI/THE CANADIAN PRESS Dr. Hance Clarke is the director of Pain Services and the medical director of the Pain Research Unit at the Toronto General ...

29 08, 2023

Moving From Single Payor To Multi-Payor Will Save Healthcare In Canada:

2023-08-29T10:05:19-04:00August 29, 2023|

source: Globe & Mail Aug 29 2023 - A very important article.  The economics of healthcare is the key to fixing the problem. Raymond Rupert. _______________________________________________________________________ Dr. Hance Clarke is the director of Pain Services and the medical director of the Pain Research Unit at the Toronto General Hospital. Imran ...

20 08, 2023

Reprogramming Cells To Reverse Aging: Maybe Baby! Happening.

2023-08-20T16:05:17-04:00August 20, 2023|

Robert Nelson is a very successful venture capitalist who does not want to die of cancer. His company is the leading funder of Altos labs that is attempting to reprogramme cells to reverse aging. Robert Nelsen’s latest and largest investment—several hundred million dollars, he says—is in a company attempting something ...

18 08, 2023

Vaccine For Cocaine Addiction: A Game Changer.

2023-08-18T10:16:16-04:00August 18, 2023|

Research at the Federal University in Minas Gerais state has developed what they hope will be Latin America’s first vaccine to treat cocaine addiction, Calixcoca. Calixcoca works by inducing the production of antibodies that latch on to cocaine in the bloodstream, creating molecules that are too big to pass through ...

18 08, 2023

Difference in Drug Costs By Country: Source Bloomberg Aug 2023

2023-08-18T10:10:47-04:00August 18, 2023|

Sticker shock isn’t slowing the fervor even as analysis found the drugs can cost five times as much—or more—in the US than they do elsewhere in the world. A one-month supply of Novo Nordisk’s Ozempic has a list price of $936 in the US, but just $169 in Japan. Wegovy costs $1,349 ...

2 08, 2023

High Reliability Organizational Design Moves Into Healthcare: A Big Deal- Source- NEJM Aug 2023

2023-08-02T10:42:43-04:00August 2, 2023|

Health care organizations have increasingly adopted the principles of high-reliability organizations to improve their safety and quality. These principles must be built into the culture of the organization as well as into the systems and frameworks used to improve processes and evaluate outcomes in a learning health care system. On ...

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