What is an impact player? as defined by Liz Wiseman in her book Impact Players:

Individuals at any level of an organization who are doing work of exception value and having an extraordinarly high impact.

Impact players have a mode of thinking that leads to high value contribution and high impact and better outcomes.

Impact players see everyday challenges differently than others. They see opportunities and not messy chaotic problems belonging to others.

Impact players react differently to uncertainty.  They do the job that is needed. They finish stronger. They ask and adjust and they make work light and easier.

Impact players tap into the unwritten rules in an organization.  They get the culture- the unspoken norms and values.

As problems become messier and mutate faster than a formal organization can respond, agility and resilience must come from the culture and the high impact players. 

The daily decisions and action of people and NOT the organizational structure. Impact players are able to decode the culture to understand what is doable and what needs to be done and what should not be touched.

The impact player asks him/herself if they should stay in their own lane? Sometimes they have to change lanes.

Impact players see themselves as problem solvers. They are not trapped by antiquated organizational structures. They go beyond the formal roles to solve problems.

Those in healthcare have much to learn from Liz Wiseman in her book Impact Players.