28 02, 2021

The Brain Is An Electrical Device Just Like A Toaster: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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The brain is an electrical device.  Just like your toaster. Lots of millivolts zipping and zapping from one neuron to the next neuron. So can we, the medical doctors and medical researchers, figure out how to use electricity to tune up the brain? That's the BIG QUESTION.   But the brain ...

24 02, 2021

Social Injustice In More Than Healthcare: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

2021-02-24T13:59:29-05:00February 24, 2021|

The last twelve months brought into sharper focus the imbalanced impact of social injustices on all scales, including systemic racism, economic inequality, workers’ rights issues, and health disparities, as well as global assaults on democratic principles and institutions. And it spotlighted an even greater need for social innovation leaders to ...

23 02, 2021

Domestic Production Of Vaccine: Should Have Been A No Brainer. Raymond Rupert patient advocate

2021-02-23T16:59:07-05:00February 23, 2021|

OTTAWA -- Two vaccine developers in Canada say a lack of federal funding early in the pandemic kept homegrown COVID-19 vaccines from moving as quickly as international versions. Nearly 1.1 million Canadians have now received a single dose of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines. The United Kingdom is vaccinating ...

15 02, 2021

The Health Benefits Of Walking In Forests: New York Times Feb 14 2021

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As people spend more time indoors, a mountain of scientific research says spending time in nature is critical to health and increases longevity. That means being in fresh air, under trees and away from cars and concrete—on a regular basis. “There’s an urgent need emerging in science and at the ...

14 02, 2021

We Need Prescision Psychiatry Today And Not In A Decade From Now. Raymond Rupert patient advocate

2021-02-14T10:16:11-05:00February 14, 2021|

There are 108 genetic variants that map into 8 major psychiatric conditions.  This is valuable information. Unfortunately, this information has no relevance to how patients are treated today.  We can't use this information to diagnose mental health problems and we can't use it to determine how to treat patients. On ...

3 02, 2021

The Roles Played In Assisting Families With Mental Health Concerns: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Understanding the various roles that are played in assisting families with mental health concerns is a first step in addressing these complex problems. To fix the wiring in your house, you need an electrician. To fix the pipes, you need a plumber. To address mental health problems in a multi-generational ...

31 01, 2021

US Hospital Bills Can Be Immoral: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Tonight on 60 minutes, there was a story about several familes who had lost a family member to COVID. It was very sad to hear their stories of loss. One family had lost their husband and father. He was 53. A loving, caring and previously healthy father of 4. The ...

31 01, 2021

Planning, Prevention & Resilience For Family Mental Health: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Mental health starts at the beginning. The infant coming home and becoming attached to the primary care provider is where mental health starts. The quality of the attachment is felt by modern brain researchers to be one of the key determinants of future mental health for the child. Unfortunately, if ...

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