Dr Vincent Lam writes in the Globe & Mail that not involving Canada’s 40,000 family doctors in the distribution of COVID 19 vaccine is a huge and tragic mistake.

If family doctors give about 50% of all flu vaccines, then why would Public Health not involve family doctors in the distribution of COVID 19 vaccine?

This is a head scratching moment.

Lives depend on this very poor decision about distribution.

Who is making this decision? Public health? Provincial health? The Feds? The bureaucrats? Who?

Has anyone asked the authors of BlitzScaling what to do? That is Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh.

If you asked Hoffman, of Linkedin fame, and Yeh what to do they would say that we need “SCALEABLE DISTRIBUTION”.

Using hockey rinks and community centres for COVID 19 vaccine distribution is not scaleable distribution.

Using established distribution channels such as family doctor’s offices and pharmacy chains is scaleable distribution.

The Public Health folks should ask logistics experts knowledgeable in healthcare what to do and not those with the knowledge of moving tanks and battalions.

Ask the experts at the Rotman Business school or the Schulich School of Business or the Ivey School of Business about scaleable distribution of COVID 19 vaccine.

Lives depend on how this is done.

Why are we acting like ludites when approaching Vaccine distribution?

And let’s not forget about the vaccine database that is being developed too late to be of any use.

That’s another $16M mistake.

Let’s put the smart and informed decision makers to work fixing this mess.

Raymond Rupert patient advcoate and health system disruptor for the public good.