source: McKinsey Dec 15 2020
Rebuilding clinician mental health after COVID-19

source: McKinsey Dec 15 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic has worsened issues concerning the mental health of frontline healthcare workers.

Health system leaders and educators and care providers should learn from other industries in developing an integrated framework promoting overall well-being and resilience for this vulnerable population of healthcare workers.

The healthcare sector may consider shifting its focus from short-term mental health “fixes” in the aftermath of acute events and toward the development of an integrated framework to address clinician mental health and the long-term effects of trauma.

While the precise formulation of individual programs will vary, there are a set of principles that should inform any new mental health framework.

Providers can consider embedding mental health training through education, deploying regular risk assessments for all students and staff, establishing new structures within the organizational hierarchy to prioritize mental health and well-being, and procuring resources dedicated to supporting clinicians who require safety net services.

These are essential services that warrant immediate implementation. Healthcare providers during COVID are experiencing continuous and cumulative trauma. The destructive impact of trauma must be countered by developing resilience building capabilities for these providers.

Source: McKinsey Dec 15 2020