A family member called RCM Health for help with advocacy.

The 62 year old patriarch who was at the cottage was very sick. He was admitted to the ICU in a community hospital in cottage country.

It was clear that his health problems were too complex for the small community hospital.

That was a rational assumption.

We and the family agreed that it would be best if he was flown, possibly by Orange, to a large academic teaching hospital for specialized care.

That seemed simple.

But it was not simple.

We were told that the care in the ICU in the small community hospital was the same care that he would get in a large academic hospital.

That information provided was false. So, no transfer.

We were told that he was out of the catchment area for the large academic centres.

So, no transfer.

We were told that all the beds at all the large academic centres which were canvassed by our team were full.

Possibly true.

Some were only taking COVID patients. No one would accept our patient with his specific complex health crisis.

So the big lesson is ” DO NOT GET SICK IN COTTAGE COUNTRY”.   Put that one your fridge.

Raymond Rupert

health system advocate.