With COVID, with the hype and distraction and disappointments of social media, with heightened isolation, with increased depression and anxiety, with the loss of social contact and social intimacy, with burnout, with easy access to drugs and alcohol and with little or no accountability, there are going to be mental health crises in families.

That is a certainty and all you have to do is look at the stats to see that it is a reality for many families.

It is time to start putting a plan in place for these mental health crises. Or the vague reference by a family member to ending it all might, in fact, happen.

In planning for a mental health crisis, it is important to realize that the family doctor is not likely going to provide the solution. And the healthcare system won’t likely provide a solution. A patient might be admitted to hospital for a crisis but that is just the beginning and not a solution. Solutions have to be crafted one patient at a time with a team with deep expertise in this field.

A family needs a mental health advisor to take the role of mental health coach. The mental health coach’s job is to build deep and trusting relationships with the family members. He/she has to understand how to use langugage to build trust.  And how to engage the family members either individually or as a group.

The mental health coach should have training in the assesment of mental health conditions. RCM Health Consultancy team members can take this role and RCM is able to provide an audit of the mental health status of the family members. Or at least an audit for those where there is some concern.

The family member will get feedback on their metrics and understand that if the family member wants help that the mental health advisor/coach can help to guide them on a treatment pathway. Crafting the treatment pathway requires a multi-disciplinary team with various skillsets.

This is a complex role. If there are 4 generations in the family, and an individual can have any of 30 conditions and if there are at least 40 different options for that person, then there are 4800 different scenarios to possibly consider.

This is a complex decision that a family needs to consider and hopefully with a team of professionals supporting their decision. That is what we do at RCM Health Consultancy.

A  family can call RCM Health Consultancy Inc. to learn more about how RCM can assist the family to prevent mental health crises.  We are always pleased to assist.

Raymond Rupert CEO  RCM Health Consultancy Inc.

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