We got a call from one of our corporate clients.

An employee’s wife had received her COVID vaccine ( both shots) in January 2021. She is a healthcare worker.

Her two year old son got the sniffles. She was concerned. She took her son for his COVID test. She also got tested.

Her COVID PCR test came back as positive. Her son’s test was negative.

That was a stunner for us.

But this means that even though a person has been vaccinated, they can still spread COVID.

But an Israeli study of about 3,000 patients who had all been vaccinated, indicated that the viral load in those who have been vaccinated is low.

That means that the vaccinated persons even if they test COVID positive are much less likely transmit the virus to others.

But to be safe, it will be important to wear a mask and do social distancing even after you are vaccinated.

Raymond Rupert patient advocate and health educator.