Just reading Adam Grant’s excellent book- Think Again.

He has a section that looks at confidence and incompetence.

There is a principal called the Dunning-Kruger effect in which a person who is incompetent is overly confident.

These persons are so incompetent that they do not recognize their own incompetence.

And they tend to surround themselves with underlings who praise them without being critical in any way.

And according to the Dunning-Kruger effect, these incompetent persons are overly confident.

The perfect job for them is politics.

Because as a politician they must appeal to the voters and seek and achieve approval that is mostly based on being overly confident.

And to really nail the approval, they might distort the truth somewhat to sell themselves to voters.

It is interesting to think of political leaders who have proven to be incompetent when stress tested by crises such as COVID 19 or economic failure of their economy.

Thanks Adam Grant for explaining the Dunning- Kruger effect to us.

Raymond Rupert patient advocate and part time health system disruptor.