President Biden’s speech in Warsaw was heroic and memorable and has global significance.  It focused on the need for power and control.

But how is it relevant to Canada.

Biden pointed out the the war in Ukraine is mostly about power and control. Control by one dictator, Putin who feels threatened by the young democracy in Ukraine.

It is relevant to Canada in how a life saving drug has been managed by the bureaucracy.

Paxlovid is an oral anti-viral produced by Pfizer. It is a game changer. If a person whether vaccinated or unvaccinated

tests positive with either a rapid test or PCR, then they will, most likely, benefit from Paxlovid.

One of our clients can not be vaccinated. She is in danger if she gets infected. She is an ideal candidate for Paxlovid.

But she can’t get access to Paxlovid in Ontario. There are bureaucratic barriers to accessing Paxlovid.

The best option for patients would be by giving family doctors and nurse practitioners in the community the ability to prescribe Paxlovid.

But they can’t get access.

The bureaucracy has exercised monopolistic control in the distribution of Paxlovid. This is power and control that puts lives at risk.

We failed to access Paxlovid in Ontario on a preventive basis. We tried to access Paxlovid in Quebec. But she is not a Quebec resident, and therefore not eligible to get Paxlovid.

She can’t get Paxlovid. She might become very sick if she can’t get access.

Maybe we should allow ordinary citizens and relevant experts to have a say in this matter. Something like a participatory democracy.