What does it mean when the issue of privatizing healthcare comes to the editorial page.

It is obvious that this is the next step in rebuilding our healthcare system.

Everyone agrees that healthcare is broken.  Everyone agrees that healthcare is broken.

Everyone knows that adding a few more beds won’t fix a broken system.

Everyone knows that the public sector can’t fund the rebuild.

What is needed is a major reconfiguration of the economics that underpin our healthcare system.

Australia recognized this 30 years ago when the Australian government started a private health insurance company.

Everyone had  universal coverage. Some Australians could opt for private which they did. The private insurer was owned by the government.

Having private premium dollars entering healthcare allowed the Australian government to build and expand private healthcare infrastructure.

What a brilliant solution.

Would this work in Canada. Of course.

Politicians can’t discuss this option or they will be ousted.

Bureaucrats have the stabililty and enough security to discuss it and possibly table it.

The life insurance industry and the infrastructure industries should come together to lead the advocacy with the bureaucrats.

A major public affairs consultancy should do the packaging.

The public will buy in big time. The public does not want to wait 2 to 3 years for minor surgery.

So why are waiting for more people to suffer and possibly die without the care that they need and deserve.

Get your heads out of the sand.