One of our parent coaches got a call at 1AM from a client. Being a grandmother, she does not shut off her ringer at night.

One of our family office clients was out on the street. He is 23 years of age. He was sleeping in his student residence when an electrical fire started. Everyone was asked to leave the residence. He was out on the street with only his cell phone and the clothes on his back.

He tried to rent a hotel room but the hotel refused. He called his parent coach at RCM Health Consultancy at 1AM. She reserved a hotel room for him at 1:30AM.

And by 2:30AM, he was safely tucked into bed in his hotel room.

This is really “service beyond compare”.

I can’t wait to tell this story to potential new family office clients of RCM as a case study in commitment to service excellence, every day of the year and even in the wee hours of the morning.

Raymond Rupert patient advocate and healthcare consultant.