Betsy is 78 years of age. She is delightful. Lots of fun. She likes to golf in the summers. Unfortunately, she is not feeling well. She has a heart rhythym disorder called atrial fibrillation.  This has caused her to feel weak. Her voice cracks. She is short of breath. Sleep is difficult.

Her medications do not correct the problem. She requires a heart procedure called ablation. This is a brief procedure that knocks out the extra spark plug that causes the atrial fibrillation. Ablation works.

Her local cardiologist has her booked for her ablation in 15 months.

Her friend told her about a university based cardiologist whose wait list is 6 months.

She was tempted to shop around but did not know that she could.  She recognizes that you can’t talk about shopping around. It is not something that we do.

But if your survival depends on it, then maybe one should shop around.

As a result, her family retained RCM Health to assist.

Our doctors realized that Betsy was in heart failure. This is an indication for urgent treatment. We made her local cardiologist aware of the failure with a polite letter faxed to his office.

As a result of the advocacy, Betsy is going to have her ablation done within 1 month of calling RCM Health.

We really enjoy helping delightful clients like Betsy who need urgent care and receive it as a result of our advocacy.