The last twelve months brought into sharper focus the imbalanced impact of social injustices on all scales, including systemic racism, economic inequality, workers’ rights issues, and health disparities, as well as global assaults on democratic principles and institutions. And it spotlighted an even greater need for social innovation leaders to come together to address these issues, in order to build and enact an equitable future.

By coupling this equity lens with the three forces we feel are the heart of enacting meaningful social innovation—namely, people, power, and resources—Frontiers of Social Innovation aims to inspire both individual and collective responses to our global challenges, through new frameworks and actionable insights.

This year, we are inviting globally-minded leaders from nonprofits and foundations, philanthropy, academia and research, business, and government to gather online to discuss, debate, and develop approaches to creating a more equitable world. We would be honored to have you join us and participate in the conversation.

As a Stanford Social Innovation Review subscriber, we would like to offer you a 15% discount off our early registration pricing. Enter the discount code SUBFSI15 when you register by April 16, 2021—and SAVE 15%.

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