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21 01, 2022

Consultative Medicine- A New Subspecialty And What We Have Done for 25 years. Raymond Rupert health system consultant.

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Consultative Medicine — An Emerging Sub- Specialty for Patients with Complex Conditions Linda N. Geng, M.D., Ph.D., Abraham Verghese, M.D., and Jon C. Tilburt, M.D.   NEJM Dec 23 2021 Patients with unusual, perplexing, or complex symptoms and conditions are not well served by the fast-paced U.S. health care system. An ...

3 08, 2021

m-RNA Vaccines Are Defeating COVID. Cancer Is Next- Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Moderna and Pfizer's m-RNA vaccines are delivering a specific sequence of m-RNA to our cells. The m-RNA in the vaccine includes information that directs our cells to produce protein resembling the spike proteins on the outside of the coronavirus. This activates our immune system to produce antibodies directed at the ...

10 10, 2020

On Being Perceived To Be Disruptive:

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The case conference involved the entire clinical care team at the hospital. The doctors, nurses, social workers and dieticians were present. The doctors reported first. The nurses seemed to be excluded. The hierarchy of influence limited the discussion. Our job as advocates was to deepen the analysis of both the ...

8 10, 2020

The Outcome Of The Case Conference:

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Today, we organized a case conference to discuss a complex patient with a psycho-social challenge and a metabolic disorder combined with an eating disorder. She is complex. She has been in hospital for 2 weeks. Because she is complex, a plan is required to manage her. And it is important ...

6 10, 2020

Case Conferences: They Work.

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Our client is very complex. The nurses and doctors are all over the place with ideas about care management. The only way to coordinate is to organize a case conference. A dial in call. Maybe even a zoom call. So our nurses are organizing a case conference with the MRP ...

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