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6 11, 2021

Having Meaningful Conversations Is Healing And Healthful: Raymond Rupert patient advocate and excellent conversationalist

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By Lucy Foulkes a psychologist and honorary lecturer at University College London. Psyche Online Publication  Nov 2021 Key points – How to have more meaningful conversations Many social exchanges involve only small talk, in which limited information is exchanged, and they can often feel frustrating and awkward. But small talk is ...

4 11, 2021

A Game Changing Oral Medicine For COVID From Merck Is Ready To Roll: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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 Molnupiravir has just been approved by Britain’s national medicines regulatory agency—the first in the world to do so. Molnupiravir, made by Merck, a big pharma firm, and a Florida-based biotech called Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, is the first oral antiviral medicine available to treat covid-19. The approval marks another milestone in the ...

3 08, 2021

m-RNA Vaccines Are Defeating COVID. Cancer Is Next- Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Moderna and Pfizer's m-RNA vaccines are delivering a specific sequence of m-RNA to our cells. The m-RNA in the vaccine includes information that directs our cells to produce protein resembling the spike proteins on the outside of the coronavirus. This activates our immune system to produce antibodies directed at the ...

12 05, 2021

Zurich Children’s Hospital: A World Class Wonder In Addressing Pediatric Brain Tumours: Raymond Rupert

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  Recently, I spent an hour on a zoom call hosted by Zurich Children's Hospital. What they have accomplished is world class.     The Zurich Children's Hospital has great clarity and focus plus the committed and competent leadership to implement the mission which is to find a cure for pediatric ...

3 02, 2021

The Roles Played In Assisting Families With Mental Health Concerns: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Understanding the various roles that are played in assisting families with mental health concerns is a first step in addressing these complex problems. To fix the wiring in your house, you need an electrician. To fix the pipes, you need a plumber. To address mental health problems in a multi-generational ...

31 01, 2021

Planning, Prevention & Resilience For Family Mental Health: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Mental health starts at the beginning. The infant coming home and becoming attached to the primary care provider is where mental health starts. The quality of the attachment is felt by modern brain researchers to be one of the key determinants of future mental health for the child. Unfortunately, if ...

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