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21 11, 2020

How ToPrescribe The Right Meds Without Experimenting. Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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The smart approach to prescribing medications should avoid the usual " try this because it might work, or it might not work". The smart approach to prescribing medications should be based on the patient's unique genes. This is especially important for medications used for depression, anxiety, mood disorders and other ...

6 11, 2020

Avoiding The Mental Health Chemistry Experiment: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Treating mental health disorders with medications is an essential skill for doctors. That is the principal role of psychiatrists. They meet with the patient. They diagnose the problem and then write the prescription. The problem is that each prescription is a chemistry experiment. No one can predict how a patient ...

7 10, 2020

Germline analysis and cancer DNA testing: An Important Combination for the cancer patient:

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Some tumor biomarker tests completed through molecular profiling of cancer DNA from tumours looks for gene mutations in cancer cells. The gene mutations form the basis for highly targeted personalized therapy for cancer. These tests are different from genetic tests for inherited cancer risk. The genetic tests for inherited cancer risk ...

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