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9 01, 2022

Resilience And Learned Positivity: Learning A Lot from Amit Sood- Raymond Rupert healthcare consultant.

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Amit Sood: Summarizing the whole of well-being research, it is simply this: you want to tell your genes and immune system, “I’m having a good time on this planet.” This type of positive outlook which can be learned tells your genes to switch from inflammatory to anti-inflammatory actions and boosts ...

28 02, 2021

The Brain Is An Electrical Device Just Like A Toaster: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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The brain is an electrical device.  Just like your toaster. Lots of millivolts zipping and zapping from one neuron to the next neuron. So can we, the medical doctors and medical researchers, figure out how to use electricity to tune up the brain? That's the BIG QUESTION.   But the brain ...

3 02, 2021

The Roles Played In Assisting Families With Mental Health Concerns: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Understanding the various roles that are played in assisting families with mental health concerns is a first step in addressing these complex problems. To fix the wiring in your house, you need an electrician. To fix the pipes, you need a plumber. To address mental health problems in a multi-generational ...

31 01, 2021

Planning, Prevention & Resilience For Family Mental Health: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Mental health starts at the beginning. The infant coming home and becoming attached to the primary care provider is where mental health starts. The quality of the attachment is felt by modern brain researchers to be one of the key determinants of future mental health for the child. Unfortunately, if ...

30 01, 2021

How To Prevent Or Respond To A Mental Health Crisis In The Family? Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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With COVID, with the hype and distraction and disappointments of social media, with heightened isolation, with increased depression and anxiety, with the loss of social contact and social intimacy, with burnout, with easy access to drugs and alcohol and with little or no accountability, there are going to be mental ...

20 01, 2021

Digital Phenotyping With Your Smart Phone To Assess Mental Health: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Our smart phones leave a digital foot print. This foot print can be used to assess the mental health of the user of the smart phone. We call the foot prints a form of digital phenotyping. Let's define phenotype in order to be clear. The sum of an person's observable ...

16 12, 2020

COVID 19 Traumatizes Healthcare Workers: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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source: McKinsey Dec 15 2020 source: McKinsey Dec 15 2020 The COVID 19 pandemic has worsened issues concerning the mental health of frontline healthcare workers. Health system leaders and educators and care providers should learn from other industries in developing an integrated framework promoting overall well-being and resilience for this ...

15 12, 2020

Trends In Mental Health: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Morneau Shepell’s monthly’ Mental Health Index’ report shows a consistent negative mental health score among Canadians for the eighth consecutive month. The findings show that worsening psychological health, an increase in employment dissatisfaction, and extended mental strain continue to impact the mental wellbeing of Canadians. The score of -11.1 is ...

6 11, 2020

Avoiding The Mental Health Chemistry Experiment: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Treating mental health disorders with medications is an essential skill for doctors. That is the principal role of psychiatrists. They meet with the patient. They diagnose the problem and then write the prescription. The problem is that each prescription is a chemistry experiment. No one can predict how a patient ...

14 10, 2020

Telephone Therapy Works: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

2020-10-14T07:23:55-04:00October 14, 2020|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

For adults with depression, CBT delivered over the phone is as effective at reducing symptoms as CBT delivered face to face. Two trials looking at CBT for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) – one in adults and one in young people – also found no differences in effectiveness. Telephone treatment is cost-effective too: the improvements in quality ...

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