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10 03, 2021

The Insanity Of US Hospital Pricing And How RCM Discounts These Bills: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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US hospital pricing is described by some as being insane, arcane, unknowable, chaotic, irrational and bizarre. Here is an example from the WSJ. RCM Health Consultancy has worked with individuals, companies and insurers to achieve dramatic discounts on hospital bills in the USA, Canada and globally. Here is case study ...

9 03, 2021

Kate Bingham Is A UK Vaccine All Star: How She Succeeded Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Source: The Business Insider, The Times. In the scramble for COVID-19 vaccines, the UK emerged in November as the first country to offer a shot outside of clinical trials — and one woman bears the credit. Kate Bingham put her role as a life-sciences venture capitalist on hold last July ...

24 01, 2021

Growing Your COVID Vaccine In A Greenhouse In Quebec City. Really! Raymond Rupert patient advocate.

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My radical curiousity has lead me to ask where are the Canadian manufacturers of COVID vaccine. We used to hae Connaught Labs at Steeles Avenue and Dufferin St in North York. Then it disappeared. No more vaccine capacity of significance in Canada. Then recently, I learned about Medicago and its ...

17 01, 2021

Bridging Strategy When The Case Is Stuck: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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A prior case involved a young adult age 24 with a complex mental health issue. We were asked to provide advocacy. The young adult had overdosed on opioids but survived. He was stunned that he lived because he had learned a lot about how to suicide successfully but he had ...

15 01, 2021

Anger Makes Misinformation & Conspiracy Theories Stick In Memory: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Anger elicits a robust physiological response that includes increases in heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration, but it can also affect attention and memory formation. Anger generally makes people more confident in the accuracy of their memories. Findings from a new study suggest that anger makes people more open to ...

15 01, 2021

The Expert Panel- A Very Good Option When Confronting Uber Complexity. Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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When a case is uber complex, then we will revert to using an expert panel. Uber complex implies high levels of uncertainty. Somewhat like a wicked problem. Not a complex problem. The objective in using an expert panel is to go deeper in the analysis of the problem. Hosting a ...

3 01, 2021

Why Is Vaccine Distribution Failing in Canada? Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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My wife asked me why Israel was being very successful with vaccine distribution compared to Canada. We have heard from our friends in Tel Aviv who have already received the vaccine. Their process of vaccine distribution is very well orchestrated.  Our friends belong to one of 4 major HMOs ( ...

10 12, 2020

Why Not Fund Biotech In Canada? An Obvious Growth Engine.

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Bill Flanagan is president and vice-chancellor of the University of Alberta. Amid the challenges of COVID-19, this week’s awarding of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Medicine to University of Alberta virologist Dr. Michael Houghton could not have been better timed. Exactly when we most need it, the world honours an ...

6 11, 2020

Avoiding The Mental Health Chemistry Experiment: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Treating mental health disorders with medications is an essential skill for doctors. That is the principal role of psychiatrists. They meet with the patient. They diagnose the problem and then write the prescription. The problem is that each prescription is a chemistry experiment. No one can predict how a patient ...

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