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24 01, 2021

Growing Your COVID Vaccine In A Greenhouse In Quebec City. Really! Raymond Rupert patient advocate.

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My radical curiousity has lead me to ask where are the Canadian manufacturers of COVID vaccine. We used to hae Connaught Labs at Steeles Avenue and Dufferin St in North York. Then it disappeared. No more vaccine capacity of significance in Canada. Then recently, I learned about Medicago and its ...

15 01, 2021

The Expert Panel- A Very Good Option When Confronting Uber Complexity. Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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When a case is uber complex, then we will revert to using an expert panel. Uber complex implies high levels of uncertainty. Somewhat like a wicked problem. Not a complex problem. The objective in using an expert panel is to go deeper in the analysis of the problem. Hosting a ...

1 12, 2020

Auto-immune neurology: A New Disease Category Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Case One: BACKGROUNDA 66-year-old male presents with subacuteconfusion (encephalitis) and reports aweight loss of 40 pounds. His spinal fluid is abnormal and is sent to MayoClinic Laboratories for an AutoimmuneEncephalopathy evaluation. The evaluation detects an unclassified antibody, which isreported back to the treating physician. The patient is discovered to have ...

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