When a case is uber complex, then we will revert to using an expert panel.

Uber complex implies high levels of uncertainty. Somewhat like a wicked problem. Not a complex problem.

The objective in using an expert panel is to go deeper in the analysis of the problem.

Hosting a diverse panel generates more options and more viewpoints.

We strive for diversity on the panel. Different disciplines. Different angles. Different styles.

With complexity, we don’t want to address the problem with a single lens.

We want to generate many diverse viewpoints. Then we want to seek consensus. Hard to get there but worth the effort.

Sometimes, we will do this blinded. The experts won’t know what each other thinks.

Sometimes, we will do this as an open discussion. Hard to reach consensus, if the opinions are ever shared.

For our current case involving the mental health and substance use disorder of a young adult with a history of self harm, we are going to start with a closed process. Like a delphi technique.

Then invite all the experts to an open discussion with each one knowing the opinion of the others first.

We hope that this process of using an expert panel delivers the best possible option for our client.

Experts should not be concerned that AI will replace them. Not yet.

Raymond Rupert patient advocate , former family doctor, founder of RCM Health Consultancy.