I just finished reading David Sax’s book: The Future Is Analog.

It is an excellent read and drills down on the dangers of the impending metaverse.

It provides an explanation of why a digital life is an empty life.

Real people need real connections.

A digital life is without real emotion.

The digital medium strips out real emotion.

So it is important for all of us to be aware of the true dangers to the self of being too immersed in the digital.

And the importance of real contact with our fellow homo sapiens.

Don’t fall for the BS of the metaverse that is being peddled to keep us locked in.

Go hug a tree, take a hike, breath deeply in the forest, get and give a hug,  touch wet leaves, paddle the canoe- this is the real way to heal.

Beware the immersive shallow lonely digital life.

Thanks David Sax.