Not enough thought is being put into understanding the toxic workplace in healthcare and how to fix it.

Many nurses and doctors are opting out.  They are opting out because their workplace is toxic.

The workplace is damaging them. Their health. Their psyche. Their stability. Their families.

So the obvious decision is to quit. Opt out. Changes careers. Save themselves.

So who is reponsible for the toxicity in the healthcare workplace?

Who has the job of understanding the toxicity? Of suggesting how to fix it?

Each day the process of toxicity remains the same.

But then there is the threat of private healthcare.

What if the workplace in the private healthcare clinic is not toxic. But is a healthier workplace to work in.

What if nurses and doctors choose to NOT drop out. What if they stay in healthcare to serve patients but opt for private.

When you look at the roster of private primary care clinics in Quebec, you find that about 800 of about 8,000 primary care doctors are private.

And the trend to opt out and be private is increasing.

I will bet that the workplace is better in these private opted out clinics.  It has to be to attract talent.

So the upside might be that the nurses and doctors in private opted out clinics are not getting their real estate licenses but are still serving patients but in a less toxic workplace.

Think about it.