So, I was talking to this very smart guy about COVID vaccine. He is very smart. He runs a financial asset management company with about $25B in assets. No dumb crumb here!

Then we started to talk about COVID vaccine. And he launches into preacher mode. He tells me the healthcare consultant and scientific minded person that the vaccine is totally unproven.

He says the vaccine was never tested in animal models and that the clinical trials were shams.

He says that getting the vaccine is potentially very dangerous. He will NEVER GET THE VACCINE.

So how does a very smart fellow fall for a conspiracy theory about COVID vaccine.

Why is he not able to listen to a valid explanation of how the vaccine was tested in trials.

Why can’t he rethink his position?

Why is her exposing himself to self harm by rejecting the vaccine?

I gave up trying to get him to change his mind.

Now it is up to him to force himself to question this mis-information and hopefully choose to get the COVID vaccine.

Raymond Rupert patient advocate

part time health system disruptor.