According to the Economist ( May 2023):

In Britain the focus is on how to fix the beleaguered National Health Service (NHS).

In Canada, beleaguered is kind. Broken best describes Canada’s heatlhcare scene. Go to an ER to test drive heatlhcare.

Hospital waiting lists in England have spiralled beyond 7 months.

Neurosurgery waiting lists for spinal stenosis in Canada can be 1 to 2 years. Patients are looking at US options if the cash is available.

NHS staff are leaving the workforce in droves. Canada has the same problem. Nurses and doctors are leaving the toxic workplace that is healthcare. It is pervasive.

New medical school grads are skipping family medicine and primary care.

On basic measures of health, Britain does worse than its rich-world peers.

The recipe for saving the NHS requires radicalism and a shift in focus, says the economist.

Same with Canada, incremental tweeks are failing. System redesign and rebuild are imperative.

So who is going to drive the bus? take charge? really think about system redesign? Don’t know?

So, what else is new?

Stay well. Stay out of the ER.