Canadians need digital health records. This is an urgent need with COVID destroying people and the economy.

Canada Health Infoway has spent over CDN$2.5B on this process. They have the software solutions that they could turn on to provide all Canadians with digital health records.

But for some reason, that decision is not being made.  Someone needs to review their mandate and the expenditures at Canada Health Infoway. If they can’t supply digital health records, then they should be shut down.

Instead, Canada is spending over CDN$16M on a digital health record for COVID vaccine with a national consulting group.

Granted this will also track vaccine from manufacturer to patient but that could all be i nclude in the digital health records which should have been provided by Health Infoway about 20 years ago.

So what does this mean? Other countries with digital health records were able to accelerate vaccine distribution by clicking two buttons.

Canada is having to design and build the buttons from the ground up and this will likely delay vaccine distribution by at least 1 to 2 years.

Talk to someone about this.

Raymond Rupert patient advocate