Exhaled breath is a rich source of prospective clinically-relevant biomarkers. Several are already in widespread use, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane, nitric oxide and sulfur compounds, yet many more remain to be discovered.

Breath contains over 1,000 volatile organic compounds ( VOCs) of which many have links to metabolism and disease processes, and some have the potential to become biomarkers for disease detection and precision medicine.

Breath offers many possible advantages in terms of non-invasive collection, ease of use, relevance to a wide range of clinical needs. Yet the complexity of breath and potential for ambient contamination has made reproducible analysis challenging.

Breath Biopsy OMNI is the only commercial biomarker platform optimized for on-breath global VOC analysis. \

RCM Health is tracking the developments in Breath Biopsy to help our clients across Canada or elsewhere.