15 04, 2024

New Drugs That Do Not Work: A Very Relevant Issue For Patients. Bloomberg/WSJ April 15 2024

2024-04-15T20:07:49-04:00April 15, 2024|

Americans are spending billions on drugs that don’t work. The FDA has sped up approvals for some drugs under pressure from patient groups, but that’s allowed some to be sold even before testing was finished. Since 2014, drug companies made at least $3.6 billion in global sales of medications that have either later been deemed ineffective ...

10 01, 2024

A New Use For Generative AI In The US Healthcare System:

2024-01-10T11:40:41-05:00January 10, 2024|

A generative AI company is working with US hospitals to increase hospital billings. The AI generates ideas and options for the doctors. The doctors order tests and procedures. And the sum total of the patient bill is likely to increase. So the generative AI is being used to maximize patient ...

9 12, 2023

The Cost Of A Baseball Player: US$700M over 10 years. What Does This Say About What We Value?

2023-12-09T15:57:03-05:00December 9, 2023|

MATT SLOCUM/THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Shohei Ohtani agrees to record $700 million, 10-year contract with Dodgers RONALD BLUM Shohei Ohtani agreed Saturday to a record $700 million, 10-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The deal was announced after days of speculation over where the unique, two-way star would continue his ...

25 11, 2023

Addressing Patient Complexity. Raymond Rupert MD MBA.

2023-11-25T13:38:32-05:00November 25, 2023|

Patients are getting older with more chronic conditions and more urgent needs. This increased complexity is challenging for family doctors. They are not trained to deal with this level of complexity. They are not paid for addressing this level of complexity. So complex elderly patients go untreated and undiagnosed. Is ...

5 09, 2023

What can the ‘de-privatization’ of lab services in Alberta teach us about private health care delivery? Andre Picard Sept 5 2023 Globe & Mail.

2023-09-05T11:48:31-04:00September 5, 2023|

The Alberta government recently announced that it’s going to “de-privatize” community-based lab testing in Calgary and the southern regions of the province. The move is eyebrow-raising for a couple of reasons. First, the United Conservative Party is ideologically enthusiastic about privatization, and this is a significant climb down. The about-face ...

5 09, 2023

Drop In Real Income For Family Doctors: OMA Economics Report.

2023-09-05T09:19:14-04:00September 5, 2023|

An OMA document prepared by Economics, Research and Analytics at the OMA. Last updated April 6, 2015. Presented to Governing Council in 2015. It was sourced from the OMA website's directory of published documents. There are 9 slides. I have summarized two of them below: Main findings:  1.  Net real ...

3 09, 2023

To Fix Canada’s Healthcare A Hard Economic Truth Must Be Acknowledged: Globe And Mail Aug 28 2023 Hance Clarke & Imran Abdool

2023-09-03T11:32:03-04:00September 3, 2023|

HANCE CLARKE AND IMRAN ABDOOL SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL PUBLISHED AUGUST 28, 2023 An emergency sign is seen outside a hospital in Montreal, on July 10.CHRISTINNE MUSCHI/THE CANADIAN PRESS Dr. Hance Clarke is the director of Pain Services and the medical director of the Pain Research Unit at the Toronto General ...

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