Public Health Canada has a massive job ahead in distributing COVID 19 vaccines. 

The problem is that Public Health does not have the infrastructure to complete this task.

And if they mess it up, then they hurt Canadians. In fact, some Canadians will likely die because of the delays. 

How can Public Health that still relies on fax machines and does not have a supply chain and advanced logistical system in place give 37,000,000 Canadians the vaccine?

What if Public Health confronted its fear of the private sector and decided with real foresight and transparency to engage with private sector partners to get the job done. To vaccinate every Canadian willing to get vaccinated. 

 What if Public Health and the military leaders who are moving the trucks across Canada decided to engage with Shoppers with 1,300 pharmacies, with Rexall with 470 pharmacies, with Loblaws with 500 pharmacies, with Walmart Canada with 408 stores and with Costco with 100 warehouses and pharmacies in Canada. Let’s not forget the 40,000 primary care doctors in Canada. 

And then don’t forget to organize the documentation required after each vaccination is given.

Who is tracking those persons who have had the 2 shots and which of the vaccines that they have received.  Is Public Health recording this information?  Do we get to add these to our little yellow booklets, which most of us can’t find. 

Let’s call our leading blockchain consultancies to set up a distributed blockchain ledger to document the results of the vaccination process.

Public health can’t set up the blockchain system. Public Health will have to talk to the private sector. 

So, as you can see, the public-private-partnerships are the way to go to protect all Canadians.

Raymond Rupert patient advocate and health industry disruptor.