Let’s do a thought experiment.

Let’s assume that an intelligent and somewhat informed patient is living in Canada in the year 2035.

And he/she is looking back at the Canada Health Act of 1984.

Monique Begin’s moment of glory.

The Canada Health Act created the Federal framework for both regulation and payment for essential health services.

It was an idealistic and well meaning attempt at keeping for profit companies out of the delivery of essential services. It worked.  No American style system of healthcare for Canadians.

Unfortunately, by eliminating private enterprse and private capital from delivering essential services, there were unintended consequences. Big unintended consequences with a long tail.

This is somewhat akin to us looking back at the residential schools initiative. Well intentioned at that time but very naive and uninformed and with draconian unintended consequences. A profound tragedy.

It will be interesting to see what hits the fan in 2035 or sooner when the consequences of an under- resourced and overly complex health system that is unable to adapt to real world stresses like COVID become obvious to the majority of occupants of this great landmass.