Tonight on 60 minutes, there was a story about several familes who had lost a family member to COVID.

It was very sad to hear their stories of loss.

One family had lost their husband and father. He was 53. A loving, caring and previously healthy father of 4.

The last time, his wife had talked to him was by facetime the day that he died.

He was in the hospital ICU for 65 days.

After he died, the wife got a thick envelope from the hospital.

It was the itemized hospital bill for his care.

The interviewer on 60 minutes asked how much that it totalled.

She said $4 million dollars.

At the start, she did not know if her health insurance would pay for the bill.

There is something immoral about having sustained this level of personal loss and then traumatizing a grieving family with a hospital bill that represents the worst elements of healthcare capitalism in the USA.

Raymond Rupert


RCM Health Consultancy Inc.