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12 03, 2022

Privatizing Healthcare Comes To The Editorial Page- Really ! Raymond Rupert health system disruptor.

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What does it mean when the issue of privatizing healthcare comes to the editorial page. It is obvious that this is the next step in rebuilding our healthcare system. Everyone agrees that healthcare is broken.  Everyone agrees that healthcare is broken. Everyone knows that adding a few more beds won't ...

21 01, 2022

Consultative Medicine- A New Subspecialty And What We Have Done for 25 years. Raymond Rupert health system consultant.

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Consultative Medicine — An Emerging Sub- Specialty for Patients with Complex Conditions Linda N. Geng, M.D., Ph.D., Abraham Verghese, M.D., and Jon C. Tilburt, M.D.   NEJM Dec 23 2021 Patients with unusual, perplexing, or complex symptoms and conditions are not well served by the fast-paced U.S. health care system. An ...

8 01, 2022

Disruption Is Required For Big Changes In Systems Such As Healthcare. Here Is How It Works. Raymond Rupert healthcare consultant

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The core characteristics of the kind of disruption are that it: 1) stems from a loss of faith in a society’s central institutions;  2) establishes a set of ideas from what was once the fringe of the intellectual world, placing them at the centre of a revamped political order; and  3) involves a ...

31 12, 2021

Participatory Budgeting: by Raymond Rupert advocate for participatory budgeting

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The Eglinton subway has been under construction for the last 6 or 7 years. We have watched it from our kitchen window. Now there are two giant white monoliths at each of the Avenue Rd subway stops. Each monolith likely cost $10M to $20M to build. Possibly more. This puzzles ...

25 12, 2021

The Challenges Of Being A Front Line Healthcare Worker During COVID: Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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 Of all the Covid patients that Ronda Stevenson RN is treating , there’s one she cannot stop thinking about. He has been hospitalized for 10 months, and in all that time his 7-year-old daughter has never once been allowed to visit, prohibited from the hospital by age restrictions that keep ...

21 12, 2021

A Winning Combo For COVID: full vaxx, boosters, rapid tests and oral antivirals- soon please. Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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We will likely transition from a pandemic form of COVID to endemic COVID. The common cold and flu are endemic. We just co-exist with the cold and the flu. Unfortunately, some patients do die from the flu. A winning combination for COVID will likely be tripartite: full vaccination including annual ...

10 12, 2021

Canada Is Suffering From A Health Care System Resourcing Crisis: Brutus & Geerts – Globe & Mail Dec 10 2021

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Canada is suffering from a health care system resourcing crisis – and the solution will require time and patience Stéphane Brutus and Jaason Geerts Contributed to The Globe and Mail Published December 7, 2021Updated Yesterday Stéphane Brutus is the dean of the Telfer School of Management at the University of ...

7 12, 2021

Personalization Of Care by McKinsey. Raymond Rupert healthcare consultant.

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Engaging healthcare consumers in a highly personalized way—and the value it brings to all healthcare system stakeholders—is increasingly important, as we highlighted in “Next generation patient engagement during the care journey.” The benefits of this approach can lead to better member experience, higher quality of care, and reduction of avoidable ...

4 12, 2021

Being An Impact Player In Healthcare: Raymond Rupert healthcare consultant & patient advocate

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What is an impact player? as defined by Liz Wiseman in her book Impact Players: Individuals at any level of an organization who are doing work of exception value and having an extraordinarly high impact. Impact players have a mode of thinking that leads to high value contribution and high ...

2 12, 2021

When Advisors Are Really Needed. Elder Fraud. Raymond Rupert patient advocate

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Advisors ( insurance advisors, financial planners, eldercare planners, accountants, wealth managers, investment managers) are very important to their older clients who are increasingly victims of elder fraud.  These clients are lonely, often isolated, starved for companionship and vulnerable to the slick hustle of fraudsters. These older clients should be reaching ...

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