As doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, patient advocates and social workers, we can all agree that we want the best outcome for our patients.

A case conference gives everyone on the team an opportunity to participate in the discussion about how we can help the patient.

A case conference is about creating a better future for the patient.

A case conference is not about being critical. A case conference is a reasoned discussion about the patient’s challenges and possible treatment pathways. It is the time to introduce new ideas. It gives everyone an opportunity to participate.

My role as a patient advocate is to facilitate the conversation amongst the doctors and nurses.

My role is very positive as the doctors come together as a team working together to help the patient.

Healthcare is complex and that is why the patient and family have asked RCM Health Consultancy to assist.

We have had 25 years of experience in organizing case conferences and advocating for patients.

The case conferences have been very important in helping the professionals involved in the patient’s care to express their thoughts and feelings about the case, to collaborate with the other doctors involved in the case and the case conference allows the family to express their concerns and gratitude to the doctors for helping.

We are very appreciative of the participation of the treating doctors involved in the patient’s care.

Raymond Rupert patient advocate and healthcare consultant.