During my discussion with a client, I mentioned that at RCM Health Consultancy, we have a poet in residence.

Stunned silence.

Why would a health consultancy have a poet in residence.

I explained that Tricia is a very skillful poet and that Tricia is able to help our clients to express in poetry what is not easily articulated by other means.

This is ,in our definition, a form of narrative medicine.

Telling stories using poetry in order to heal. Getting to the core of one’s emotional makeup using words in various combinations and then by examining those words to reframe the ideas and accordingly to modulate the emotions related to those ideas.

This client took a pass on working with our poet in residence.

She thought that it was “too West coast”.

Someday she might be ready for the experience and that is the point, it is an experience of seeing what rises into consciousness from the unconscious and thusly, we are able to become more aware of our hidden truths.

Raymond Rupert, patient advocate and healthcare consultant.